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    Worship in Unity, Reach out in Charity, Serve the Community and Proclaim Reality.



    in 1826 William Van Mildert, the Bishop of Llandaff in Wales, was moved to become Bishop of Durham. Llandaff was a very poor diocese; Durham was not. Several of the Cathedral canons were receiving salaries three times as large as he had as Bishop of Llandaff, up to £3000 a year, for nominal duties (which they didn't perform anyway) while he found some parish clergy struggling to make ends meet on £30 a year.

    Over the next ten years Van Mildert used his own salary to augment others' incomes and worked tirelessly to ensure that all his clergy had enough to live on. He was opposed by many, including some of his best friends, who thought that low pay encouraged vicars to work hard and do a good job so they would be moved to wealthier parishes. Van Mildert rejected this because he believed that nobody can do their best when they are hungry. 

    Times are difficult for many of us now. Good people are struggling and, if I may paraphrase Van Mildert, we would not be much of a church if we did not do what we can to help our neighbours. There is no shame in needing help, especially in the face of an indiscriminate and implacable foe like Covid-19. If we can help you, please get in touch. 

    Graham Brack

    Safeguarding block



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