Reflection for Easter

Reflection for Easter

So here we are, the forty days of Lent have passed and even for those who didn’t intentionally ‘give up’ something, the coronavirus pandemic has meant an element of sacrifice for everyone for a good part of that time. It’s been rather a grim few weeks.

But Easter Day is dawning and it’s a cause for celebration!

The resurrection is the climax of the gospel – because of the resurrection we know that out of love for us … for you … Jesus has overcome death and good has beaten evil. The resurrection of Jesus changes all that went before it and makes us understand all Jesus said and did in a new way; he said he would rise again and he did! God’s love has changed everything!

Of course, despite the dramatic resurrection two thousand years ago things did carry on as before: the Romans were still in charge; the sick remained sick and the poor remained poor. But to those first witnesses to the Risen Christ the realisation slowly dawned that Jesus really was alive and his ongoing life can transform everyone in even the darkest situation.

 For us too it seems as though maybe we have nothing to celebrate; the virus statistics are still frighteningly high; people are still losing loved ones; hospitals are overstretched and fear is still all around … but because of Easter we know that isn’t the full picture. The struggle still goes on around us every day … but Easter celebrates the victory of life over death.

So this Easter, despite what is happening around the world and closer to home, I pray that you will find joy and peace in the message of Easter. Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

God bless

Revd Sue