Lent 2019 - Shrob Lodge Directions

If coming south down A5 towards the roundabout at the top of A5/A508/A422, when about 50 yards before the roundabout, level with the green road sign, you will see there are two red brick cottages on the right and tarmac drive going up past them. Turn right here. 


If you miss it go right around the roundabout and the entrance will be 50 yards on the left beyond lights on the roundabout heading up A5 towards Towcester. 


Continue to end of tarmac drive and through black iron gate which will open automatically. Suggest people park on the GRAVEL yard nearest the house as there are no steps. This means keeping right on the concrete when you have gone through the gate and the yard is second one on the right otherwise when you come through black gate carry on up gravel and park in front of the house.